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Como recupero un Pen Drive que use para instalar OS X?

How do I format a usb drive on a PC that was formatted on a Mac? (source) Assuming Windows 7 and that the disk is not showing up under My Computer at all: Connect your disk. Run cmd as an Administrator. Run diskpart.exe . Use ? if you need help in this program. list disk Find the disk that corresponds to your USB disk. select disk n where n is the number of the disk. Confirm that you're using the right disk with detail disk . clean (Warning: This command erases the disk's partition information. Any data on the disk will no longer be accessible.) create partition primary . No size is needed if you want to use the whole disk active . Optional. Marks the partition as potentially bootable. format fs=fat32 quick . You can choose NTFS or exFAT instead of FAT32 if you want. assign . Assigns the disk a drive letter. exit to quit. LEER BIEN los pasos y comprender que lo hace BAJO su Responsabilidad. Sino esta seguro, NO