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How to install and configure  JBOSS EAP 6 in your house. ;-)
(I will assume that you have downloaded the JBOSS)

1.-Unzip the File with the JBOSS 6.2
2.-Copy the folder jboss-eap-6.2 to your folder (i.e. home folder)
3.-Config your Java home editing the file standalone.conf (in /jboss-eap-X.X/bin folder)


4.-IF you need to change the port of JBOSS  (8080 by default)

a) You have to edit the file standalone.xml in /jboss-eap-X.X/standalone/configuration folder.

b) FIND this section!!

c) Change this entry: 


by the port number do you need...


5.-You have to change permission for standalone shell.
a) cd jboss-eap-X.X/bin/
b) chmod +x

6.-Create a Admin user for management.
a) cd jboss-eap-X.X/bin/
b) chmod +x (or if your are lazy : chmod +x *.sh for further shell ;-)
c) ./ (enter)

from RedHat Docs
d) Choose to add a Management user.
Select option a to add a Management user. This user is added to the ManagementRealm and is authorized to perform management operations using the web-based Management Console or command-line based Management CLI. The other choice, b, adds a user to the ApplicationRealm, and provides no particular permissions. That realm is provided for use with applications.

e) Choose the realm for the user.
The next prompt refers to the realm where the user will be added. For a user with permissions to manage JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6, choose the default, which is ManagementRealm.

f) Enter the desired username and password.
When prompted, enter the security realm, username and password. Pressing ENTER selects the default realm of ManagementRealm, which allows the user to administer JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 using the management interfaces. You must add at least one user to this realm. You are prompted to confirm the information. If you are satisfied, type yes .


7.- IF you deploy on your local machine GOTO Step 8

If you have a linux home server , and you copy there the JBOS EAP 6.2 you have to edit AGAIN the
/jboss-eap-X.X/standalone/configuration/standalone.xml and change the INTERFACE to connect to your server machine.

from Community
Add a new interface under the interfaces section of standalone.xml with element:

and use this new interface in the socket-binding-group:


8.-Enjoy it!
Execute the shell script

Open a WebBrowser :

http://localhost:XXXX/   In XXXX is the port number you config in Step 4! 

or (default)


I hope this little-guide can help you.....