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JBOSS EAP 6 - Stand Alone - HOW TO

How to install and configure  JBOSS EAP 6 in your house. ;-)
(I will assume that you have downloaded the JBOSS)

1.-Unzip the File with the JBOSS 6.2
2.-Copy the folder jboss-eap-6.2 to your folder (i.e. home folder)
3.-Config your Java home editing the file standalone.conf (in /jboss-eap-X.X/bin folder)


4.-IF you need to change the port of JBOSS  (8080 by default)

a) You have to edit the file standalone.xml in /jboss-eap-X.X/standalone/configuration folder.

b) FIND this section!!

c) Change this entry: 

by the port number do you need...

5.-You have to change permission for standalone shell.
a) cd jboss-eap-X.X/bin/
b) chmod +x

6.-Create a Admin user for management.
a) cd jboss-eap-X.X/bin/
b) chmod +x (or if your are lazy : chmod +x *.sh for further shell ;-)
c) ./ (enter)

from RedHat Docs
d) Choose to add a Management user.
Select option a to add a Management user. This user…