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Warp 11  


Cuando pense que todo sobre Star Trek, podria estar cubierto, me encontre con esta banda de lunaticos llamados Warp 11, y su Capitan Karl.

Miren la opiniones en EEUU:

"Warp 11 is one of the best bands in America, not since KISS has a band had this level of shtick, and an amazing sound backing it up."
- Mark S. Allen Premiere Radio Networks

"Warp 11 is a Trek band that has crossed over from fandom to mainstream music."
- Tammy Oler Geek Monthly

"This isn't a bunch of Trekkies who decided to rock, but rather it's a buncha rockers who dediced the world of Star Trek was ripe with rockin' potential.. Warp 11 doesn't let any joke get by.. they're so gloriously vulgar!"
- Jerry Perry Alive & Kicking

"Sactown's own Warp 11 are the bad boys at the Trekkie convention."
- Justin Allen Sacramento News & Review

"It's Dead, Jim - a typically ass-kicking release from the Warped ones."
- A.L. Sirois Sci Fi Channel

"Warp 11's 'She Make It So' definitely makes the phones go! "
- Kelly Frost Mix 99.3 FM / KNNN Radio

"Warp 11 will set the standard.. Life just doesn't get any better. This is what Trek is all about!"
- Tim Brazeal

"Taking inspiration from all over the rock world for their new album, the sci-fi rock group Warp 11 has produced their best and most musically diverse album yet with 'Boldly Go Down On Me.' "
- Jacqueline Bundy TrekNation

“You don't have to be a Star Trek fan to enjoy the vibrant, edgy rock 'n roll of Warp 11's 'Boldly Go Down on Me.'”
- R. Scott Bolton Rough Edge

"Warp 11 will satisfy better than a Vulcan mating ritual."
- Neil Norman KCSN Radio

"Tight, crunchy, powerful and ranged... Do yourself a favor and make it so. "
- Chris Hudak Toronto Star

Sitio de Warp 11