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Detective Tony Baretta was a bachelor cop who lived in a run-down hotel with his pet cockatoo, Fred. Other characters were Baretta's supervisors Inspector Shiller (Dana Elcar) and Lieutenant Hal Brubaker (Edward Grover); Billy Truman (Tom Ewell), an older and sometimes drunk ex-cop who cheerfully ran the hotel where Tony Barreta resided; and Rooster (Michael D. Roberts), a streetwise pimp and Tony's favorite informant.

Tony Baretta's catchphrases included "You can take dat to the bank" and "That's the name of that tune."

The theme song, Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow, was written by Dave Grusin and M. Ames, and performed by Sammy Davis Jr. Every episode of Baretta began with the song, which contained the motto, "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time."

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